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The Best Way to Sell a Used Car in Ontario

The Best Way to Sell a Used Car in Ontario

Canadians that are interested in selling a used car are lucky; the used car market is experiencing unprecedented demand. This high demand for used cars will help you get top dollar for your vehicle, but you will need to do some preliminary work to give you the best chances of success.

Important Documents You'll Need

There are some important documents that you need to get ready before you can put your vehicle up for sale.


First, is the car paid in full, or are there any active liens registered against it? If there are active liens, you need to pay them off before you try to sell the car.


In theory, you could sell the vehicle with the liens, but most prospective buyers do not want to deal with liens when buying a used car.


If you paid off the loan in full, you should request a copy of the lien release from the lender who originally financed the purchase of the car.


You can also contact the lender and ask them to send you another lien release if you are not able to find it.


Since you are working on getting your documents in order, get receipts for all of the work you have done on the vehicle since you bought it—every oil change, tire rotation, and anything else that can be documented.


Potential buyers want to know if the vehicle was properly maintained; these documents are proof the vehicle was properly maintained.


Best Platforms to List Your Car for Sale

The Internet has a plethora of websites dedicated to selling things, but there are a few sites that are dedicated to used cars.


While you could use websites that do not specialize in automobiles, we strongly recommend listing on platforms like AutoTrader, which attracts millions of people on a monthly basis.


Some people have tried to sell their used cars on social media platforms like Facebook. The marketplaces on Facebook are great when selling low-value items, but when it comes to vehicles, it is just not worth your time.


There are scammers who use the marketplaces, so do yourself a favor and stay away from these platforms.


As a rule, only deal with prospective buyers in person, or you could find yourself dealing with scammers. This does not mean that the people you meet in person aren’t scammers, but the odds of getting ripped off are greatly reduced.


How to Sell Your Car Fast

If you want to sell your used car fast, one option that you should consider is going to a local car dealership. When you bring your vehicle to the dealership, they need to do an appraisal to figure out what the car is worth.


After the appraisal, the dealership is going to make an offer, and if you accept it, you will walk out of the dealership with cash in hand.


Now that you know how to sell your used car, why not contact your local dealership today and find out what your vehicle is worth?



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