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What is the Best Way to Sell your Car in Ontario?

What is the Best Way to Sell your Car in Ontario?

If you want to sell your car in Ontario, there are many important things you need to take into consideration. The first thing is figuring out what your used car is worth, the secondary used car market in Canada is experiencing tremendous growth, and you can capitalize on this opportunity. We're going to go into detail on the best way to sell your car in Ontario these days.


How to calculate the asking price for your used car


There are many variables that are in play when trying to figure out the asking price of your used car.


You could visit platforms like Kelly Blue Book and find out what other vehicles. You should make a list of 10-20 vehicles and then average out the prices that are being quoted.


When pricing your used car, use the middle-of-the-road approach. While you could ask for top dollar from the onset, the odds of getting an offer are greatly reduced.


In addition, by going with the middle of the road, you are more likely to get multiple offers which increases your chances of getting more money for your used car.


Documents needed to sell your used car


Since you are in Ontario, there are some important documents that you will need to have in place. Start by ordering the used car sales kit issued by the Ontario Government.


This kit will set you back twenty bucks and will take a few days to come in the mail.


You could try to sell your used car without the kit, but the transaction will not go through, so don’t tempt fate and wait for the kit to arrive.


Do you have the lien release for the used car? Prospective buyers want to make sure there are no active liens against the used car.


A lien prevents the new buyers from becoming the registered owner. In theory, the buyer could pay off the lien when registering the vehicle in their name, but no one wants to deal with that headache.


If you cannot find the original lien release, you can ask the lender to send you a replacement.


Another important document that prospective buyers will want to review is the service record of the used car.


This will prove the car was well maintained and help you get the maximum amount of cash for your used car.


If you are not able to provide the service record, your chances of getting top dollar for the used car will be dramatically reduced.


The easiest way to sell your used car for cash


Bring it down to your local dealership if you want to find an easy way to sell your used car for cash.


The dealership will conduct an appraisal and let you know what your vehicle is actually worth; this will let you know whether the price you set was accurate.


The same dealership will also make a cash offer; if you decide to accept the offer, then you will leave the dealership with cash in your hand.


This is by far the easiest way to sell your used car for cash; you just need to head over to the dealership right now and find out how much money you can get.


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