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Best places to sell your used car in Canada

Best places to sell your used car in Canada

If you are thinking about selling your used car, it helps to know the best places to list your car. We are going to give you the skinny on where to advertise your car and how to get a competitive offer.

How soon do you need your money?

While everyone wants their money right away, it helps to have the right mindset when you are trying to sell a used car. If you need cash right away, then you might consider using a lower pricing point to attract as many potential buyers as possible and get some serious quotes.

If you are not in a hurry and just testing the waters, then your asking price should be slightly higher than the current average.

What is your car worth in the current used car market?

There is no black and white process to determining what your vehicle is worth. The used car market has never experienced such an uptick in demand, so prices are trending higher month by month.

What kind of condition is your car in? Normal wear and tear is expected, the average driver logs around 20,000kms per year on their car however that number is much lower since the pandemic forced everyone to stay home.

Aside from the mileage, has the car been professionally maintained. This includes every oil change and routine maintenance that has been performed by a licensed mechanic?

You should have receipts from the garage that did the work, if you misplaced the receipts you can ask the garage to issue a copy. It will be virtually impossible to get a firm offer from any serious buyer if you are not able to show the service record of the vehicle.

Proof of ownership

This may sound like a silly question but are you able to sell the car? When you first bought the car, you probably had it financed and the lender would have placed a lien on the car.

You should have a lien release confirmation from the lender, if you are not able to find it, you need to get it ASAP. No buyer will cut a cheque until you can prove there are no active liens on the vehicle.

Now that you have the documents in place, it is time to sell your used car.

Best place for you to sell your used car

When we started this conversation, our goal was to show you the best place to sell your used car. The answer is not some website but literally down the street from where you are, it is your local car dealership.

These dealerships need cars for their inventory and are willing to pay a fair price for your used car. What makes these dealerships the best palace to sell a used car is the ease of doing business with them.

You can have full confidence the dealership is able to pay you right away if you accept their offer and the cheque won’t bounce. If you are serious about selling your used car, then reach out to your local dealership today.

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