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2015 Lincoln MKX

Northway Lincoln Brantford located between Hamilton & Cambridge


The 2016 Lincoln MKX is offering an extensive refresh of this luxury crossover for the next model year. Alongside a solid engine, lovely interior and lots of technology, the automaker has been working to deliver an exceptional audio experience as well as a driving one.

Lincoln have been working with premium audio manufacturer Harman International and their luxury audio brand Revel to deliver such a system. The result? Two audio options, the 13 or 19 speaker Revel Ultima system.

Just like Revel's quality home audio systems, the Ultima will feature tweeters and midrange speakers specially located to deliver optimal audio. So-called "point source architecture" and "Waveguides" will ensure the audio experience delivered by the system will be some of the best available anywhere in a vehicle.

Revel "Clari-Fi" is another feature of the audio system that is said to ?rebuild audio details often lost during the digital compression process.? We're guessing this is a clever way to fill in the gaps left by compression in formats such as MP3.

Revel has also included "QuantumLogic Surround surround-sound" to deliver a true home theatre experience in the car. Three programmable modes, standard stereo, Audience and On Stage will provide different acoustic experiences.

Standard stereo speaks for itself really but Audience has apparently been designed to simulate being in the audience at a gig. On Stage plays with the equalizer to simulate the effect of being on stage with the band or musicians, presumably by separating instruments into different channels.

"Just as every Revel home loudspeaker must outperform target competitors during evaluations, every Revel system in Lincoln is held to the same standard and does not get released until it reaches target performance," said Revel development manager Kevin Voecks.

"Replicating the Revel home-audio sound in the all-new Lincoln MKX was an incredibly rewarding and challenging task, but one that will fully benefit the Lincoln client."

Presumably, as well as all this audio loveliness there will be a raft of specialist audio matting and insulation to ensure the driver and passengers get the full benefit of the audio system rather than passers by. Ford or Lincoln don't mention it, but it's usually part and parcel of vehicular audio systems so a premium option is likely to include it.

The 2016 Lincoln MKX is looking good. With two engines, beautiful interiors, lots of technology and a stunning design, we think it's going to be a hot commodity once released. It is going to be available in Fall 2015 in the U.S. and make its way north shortly after.

Check out the current MKX at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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